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The best places to bathe in the Valencian mountain range

Chorradores de Navarres

Spain’s Serranía de Valencia is a picturesque region full of natural charm and offers a variety of stunning places to enjoy a refreshing swim in the middle of nature. From crystal-clear rivers to stunning waterfalls, here are some of the best places to swim in the Serrania de Valencia.

One of the most popular places is the Charco Azul, located in the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park. This beautiful river offers natural pools of turquoise waters where visitors can swim and relax surrounded by breathtaking scenery. In addition, the Hoces del Cabriel is perfect for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Another highlight is the Chorrador de Navarrés, a spectacular waterfall located in the municipality of Navarrés. The water falls into a natural pool that invites you to take a refreshing dip. In addition, the surrounding area offers trails and picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a full day in contact with nature.

The river Chelva is another popular destination for nature and water lovers. With its numerous pools and small waterfalls, this river is perfect for swimming and exploring. The town of Chelva is also charming, with its narrow streets and medieval architecture, making it an ideal place for a complete getaway.

In the town of Gestalgar is the Loriguilla Reservoir, a large lake surrounded by mountains and forests. This reservoir offers calm waters and sandy beaches where visitors can swim and practice water sports such as kayaking and fishing.

Last but not least, we have the Salto de la Novia, a waterfall located on the river Palancia, in the municipality of Navajas. This impressive waterfall has been shaped by the river over the years and offers a magical place to enjoy a swim. In addition, the surrounding area is ideal for hiking and exploring the surrounding nature.

In short, the Serranía de Valencia is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those looking to refresh themselves in beautiful natural surroundings. Whether enjoying the natural pools in the Hoces del Cabriel, bathing in waterfalls such as the Chorrador de Navarrés or exploring the Loriguilla Reservoir, visitors to the Serranía de Valencia will find a wide variety of stunning places to enjoy a refreshing dip while connecting with the natural beauty of the region.

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